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July flower of the month – TULIPS!

Jul 3, 2023

Summer is here in Minnesota!! Spring has come and gone, though this year it feels like it was barely here for us to enjoy. Springtime is synonymous with blooming flowers, and one particular blossom that captures the essence of the season is the tulip. With their vibrant colors and elegant shape, tulips have become a beloved favorite in gardens and floral arrangements around the world. In this blog post, we’ll explore fascinating facts about tulips and provide you with some valuable tips and tricks to keep them alive in your at-home flower arrangements. So, let’s dive in!

Fascinating Facts about Tulips

Before we delve into the care and arrangement of tulips, here are some interesting facts about these enchanting flowers:
Historical Significance: Tulips originated in Central Asia and gained significant popularity in the 16th century, particularly in the Ottoman Empire. The Dutch Golden Age saw a tulip mania, where tulip bulbs were highly sought after and considered a status symbol.
Wide Color Variety: Tulips come in an array of vibrant colors, including red, yellow, pink, purple, white, and even bi-color varieties. There are also numerous types, including single, double, fringed, parrot, and lily-flowered tulips.
Symbolism: Tulips symbolize love, passion, and perfect love. Red tulips are associated with true love, while yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and sunshine.
Seasonality: Tulips are typically associated with spring, and their blooming period usually spans from March to May, depending on the variety and location.
Planting Time: Tulips should be planted in the fall, ideally between late September and mid-October in Minnesota. This allows the bulbs to establish roots before the ground freezes, ensuring a healthy start for spring blooms.
Longevity: When properly cared for, tulips can last for up to 7-10 days in a vase, making them an excellent choice for home flower arrangements.

Tips and Tricks for Keeping Tulips Alive in Flower Arrangements

Freshness Matters: 
Choose tulips with tight, closed buds and vibrant, firm petals. 
Avoid wilted or discolored ones, as they may not last as long.
Proper Trimming:
Before arranging your tulips, trim the stems diagonally about an inch from the bottom. This helps the flowers absorb water efficiently.
Water and Hydration: 
Fill a clean vase with lukewarm water and add flower food or a homemade solution (1 teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of bleach). 
Tulips are thirsty flowers, so check the water level daily and replenish as needed.
Placement and Lighting: 
Place your tulip arrangement away from direct sunlight, as excessive heat can cause them to wilt. However, they appreciate natural light, so keep them near a bright window for optimal growth.
Keep tulips away from appliances, radiators, or heating vents, as they can cause the flowers to dehydrate more rapidly.
Tulips prefer cooler temperatures, so consider moving the arrangement to a cool room overnight, such as a bedroom or basement, to slow down their growth and extend their blooming period.
Regular Trimming and Water Changes: 
Every couple of days, trim the tulip stems and change the water in the vase. This helps to prevent bacteria growth and prolongs the lifespan of the flowers.
Single Variety or Mixed Arrangements: 
Tulips can be stunning on their own or combined with other flowers. If creating a mixed arrangement, make sure the other flowers have similar care requirements to ensure longevity.

Tulips bring a touch of elegance and beauty to any home flower arrangement. By following these tips and tricks, you can enjoy their vibrant colors and delicate charm for longer. We are currently out of the peak season for Tulips, their natural blooming period falls between March and May. Next year, when Spring comes, with a little care and attention, your tulips will bloom brilliantly, adding a touch of spring to your home all year round.


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